Mardella Meadows

Events at Mardella Meadows

At Mardella Meadows we offer a unique setting for corporate, learning, conference, and team building events. We can also cater for other personal events such as birthdays and engagements. Featuring integrated indoor/outdoor areas, the spaces at Mardella Meadows have been designed to offer variety and flexibility to cater for the specific needs of various events.

Our events packages include, but are not limited to:

  • Additional insulation to optimise the acoustic qualities of the indoor space
  • Many indoor and outdoor power sources
  • Hi-Fi system, and Ipad/iPhone connectivity
  • Flexibility with internal lighting to amplify the visibility of presentations
  • In-built internal and external speakers
  • Two cordless microphones that are connected to the speaker systems
  • Ability to isolate internal and external speaker systems
  • Creature comforts with inbuilt heating and cooling air-conditioning system

The event coordinator will coordinate the day and take care of vendor management. We want people to be able to enjoy the experiences of their event.


Tours of Mardella Meadows and event bookings open mid 2022. Sign up to stay informed of our latest news and booking dates.

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