Mardella Meadows

Our Story

Mardella Meadows is situated on a family farm of over 100 acres in the peaceful area of Mardella, 35 minutes from Perth CBD. The land is a long-established plot and has been a family farm for many years with its official papers dating well before local shire records.

The property has a long and diverse history of farming. At one time, it was a successfully run horse training stable. The property’s farming history has been retained as much as possible and the original horse barn has been refurbished to what is now known as the ‘Mardella Meadows Barn’. All other outbuildings have been retained in their original form as much as possible.

It continues to be a family run, operational farm. A few new residents now also call the place home including guardian alpacas who watch over lambs each season.

It is a special place with a long past where many people have created and shared memorable moments. Mardella Meadows has recently been made available to the public for others to enjoy its expansive views and peacefully secluded atmosphere. With several gardens, large lawns and endless fields, others can now create memories for life at this special place.


Tours of Mardella Meadows and event bookings open mid 2022. Sign up to stay informed of our latest news and booking dates.

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